Lenovo A65 dual-SIM Android smartphone hits the Philippines

Lenovo A65
Lenovo Mobile Philippines has just let the word out regarding the availability of the Android-powered Lenovo A65 here in the Philippines. As of today, you should be able to get your hands on the said handset and actually take it home with you for only 5,499 Pesos. For that price, you’ll also get a free Smart pre-paid SIM card that’s loaded with 100 Pesos worth of credits that are valid for 30 days. The Lenovo A65 runs Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on an unidentified 800MHz processor. It also boasts dual-SIM capabilities which will allow you to use up to two SIM cards at the same time if you’d like. That’s pretty much it in terms of possible distinguishing characteristics, as the rest of the Lenovo A65’s specs are quite common in entry-level smartphones nowadays: built-in Wi-Fi, FM radio, Wi-Fi hotspot, and so on. It has a somewhat larger screen that most at 3.5-inches, though, so that’s another minor plus. You can tag this as an interesting alternative to entry-level Nokias or Samsungs in the market today.



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